Jeroen Steeman Projects
"Most research and development projects undertaken to date, have (rightly so) non-disclosure and intellectual ownership involved. Only sanctioned projects are listed here."
"Providing better business automation solutions."

Jeroen Steeman - Projects

QR Codes

QRConnecting the real and digital world using 2D barcodes. Bringing paper to life by adding video and interaction.


mobileMulti-device and multi-platform dynamic interactive environments. For people on the move.

Dynamic Printing

printingReal-time dynamic digital printing. Creating 1:1 communication collateral on demand.


researchNever stop learning, this is only a snapshot list.


graphicsVarious inline and online graphics rendering, animation and automation processes.

Internet Security

securityMethods and processes used to monitor and track Internet traffic accessing systems from Internet facing connected network hardware.

Web To Print

securityOn-line creative WYSIWYG editors for web to print procurement processes. Interactive multi-media 2D and 3D product visualization solutions.