"Develop complex multidisciplinary on demand financial contract creation process."
"Helping companies communicate more efficiently and effectively."

Financial Contract Automation

Financial Contract Automation Examples


POD RequirementsDifferent disciplines are involved when it comes to financial contacts than for standard variable printing on demand (VPOD).

  • Credit rating
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Residence
  • Fiscal contract value
  • Legal aspects


thinkDesign a variable printing framework that incorporates and protects all the mission critical elements of all the disciplines involved to come to a final product with a fault tolerance of zero.

  • Ability to add and remove finacial entities
  • Handle variable page docuemnts
  • Deal with pre and post-press production and dispatch logistics


printingChannel all inbound (offline and online) into production queues for validation. Generate dispatch ready, track and trace enabled production files. Automatically dispatch to print production centers

  • Guaranteed delivery within 12 - 24 hours
  • Real time situation and progress reporting
  • Production and dispatch notification

Process Enhancements

researchExtend and enhance and add value added services to the capabilities of the dynamic print production system.

  • Generate PDF contract files
  • Real-time in-office PDF contract service (ready while you wait)
  • Automatic email dispatch
  • Client self-service portal 'print it yourself'

Operational Variable Data Printing Platform

The above 'automated contract publishing system' runs according to the variable data publishing schema as shown here. And shows the different elements and aspects as well as the workflow required for varable data publishing systems.