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Welcome to Jeroen Steeman - Software engineering development.
"Great Engineering is the capacity to turn vision into effective reality."

Electronic engineering...In theory, theory and practice are the same - in practice, they aren't.

I am Jeroen Steeman. Entrepreneur, Software Engineering, Programming and Development.

Current TopicImagine one website for mobile, tablet and computer, plus more. "The Internet of things".

Imagine having only one website to maintain that is suitable for any modern browser and any device without having to worry about screen size, presentation and navigation.

Creating innovative partnerships in website design, software engineering and development

Have you ever needed or been asked to create a website and then found it difficult to meet all of your client's needs?

Have your clients ever requested features that require additional expertise or sophistication beyond your experience, in regard to website applications or phone apps?

Supporting Graphic Designers, small to medium size companies and corporate entities by offering the technologies needed today, giving you creativity, diversity and endless possibilities in website engineering.

Having completed diverse websites, constructed smart asynchronous web services, and providing all the expertise needed to support growing businesses online and via mobile devices. Six reasons to use these services:

Responsive Website Development
  • Work behind the scenes, with no direct client contact, so your clients only deal with you.

  • Personalized services - available 14 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Written specifications and help to organize the functional requirements - then build, integrate, complete, test, install and deliver your projects.

  • You may provide the graphic art materials, which are integrated visually into the website so it looks exactly as you and your clients wish.

  • Competitive rates and work on a fixed-bid basis, so you know where you stand with expenses.

  • Potential to create new business opportunities that you might otherwise have lost.

Responsive Demo Slideshow Presentations

Responsive SlideshowsSelf running slideshows featuring full screen animation and support for audio. HTML5 and CSS3 based fully responsive, meaning it will run on any modern browser and display perfectly from large format screens, projectors, computers, tablets and yes even smart phones. Creating captivating and intriguing presentations.

Projects, Utilities, Services, Tools and Demonstrations

Demand Print

 Web To Print and Print On Demand

On-line on demand multinational corporate web to print portal design, engineering and development. Multi-media, multi-channel and multi-lingual.

W2P Editors

Web To Print Online Editors

Intuitive web to print on-line consumer WYSIWYG editors for niche markets. From large format printing to packaging design.

2D Barcodes

2D Barcoding Processes

High speed industrial ISO norm QR code and Datamatrix processors for use in mobile marketing and industrial application. On-line QRCode Reader

Mobile Dev

Mobile Development

Efficient, effective and interactive solutions for portable devices with small screens and 'fat finger' input devices.

Web 2.0

WEB 2.0

Adaptive and responsive web technology development from single point solutions to device specific application development.


Sentinel IT Security

ICT Sentinel Security services. Internal and external Internet ethical hacking and probing. ECM and vulnerability scans.


W2P Packaging

Interactive 3D Web To Print solutions for the printing and packaging industry.


Personal W2P Packaging - Beverage Can

Personalize and brand or make unique creative designs online.


PDF Automation - Image Rendering

High speed PDF rendering for real-time interactive print proofing.

TCP Remoting

ICT Service - TCP Remoting

Leverage powerful enterprise class services and systems from anywhere.


Engineering -ICT Engineering

Assess real world problems and engineer and design solutions.


ICT Management Traits

Project and process management. Deliverables on time and within budget.


summaryAn awarded fortune 500- experienced technical process and project manager with more than ten years track record of engineering, developing, programming and deploying local and global corporate solutions for diverse environments.


researchA good understanding of the requirements matched with a clear functional specification is an excellent starting point.


windowsUsing the Microsoft arsenal of rapid application development tools leads to effective and efficient team development capabilities.

  • Visual Studio 2008 - 2019
  • MS SQL - T SQL
  • ISA - MS Forefront TMG, Fortigate, Pfsense
  • Adobe Creative Suite
    - Photoshop
    - Illustrator
    - Indesign
    - After Effects
  • Cloud computing (Azure) and virtualization
  • Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks
Code Skills

Phone-iconKnowledge of infrastructure and available frameworks is key in designing and developing effective efficient processes.

  • VB.Net - ASP - C#.Net - MVC - C++
  • jQuery / jQuery-mobile
  • Ajax / JSON / XML / SOAP
  • .NET Frameworks 2.0 - 4.7
  • XHTML / HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript
  • Desktop / Internet Applications
  • SEO - Analytics

On Demand ICT Professional Services

ICT Services Local and remote routine server monitoring and maintenance.
Proactive and reactive system development and services.

  • Server Administration (MS server/ DC / DNS / AD / Exchange / NAS / ISA - TMG). Physical and virtual.
  • Resource requirements design, management and monitoring.
  • Network design, implementation, routing, management and monitoring.
  • WAN and LAN network security management, monitoring and ECM tactics.
  • Software migration VB / C# and platform conversion and porting services.

On Demand Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services Digital infrastructure and operations audits.
Proactive operational problem assessments and problem management.

  • Automation engineering, problem solving, solution provider and consultancy services.
  • Functional and technical specification drafts.
  • Project construction, planning, management and implementation.
  • Cyber security and public interface network consultancy.
  • Graphics automation, Web-to-print and printing on demand solution provider.
  • Cross device and cross media variable data publishing services and solutions.

Contract Service and Solution Provider

Programming Services Structured flexible open ended software objects.
Focused efficient and effective automation.

  • Project based Microsoft oriented software programming services.
  • Desktop application design and development.
  • Website and Internet service design and development.
  • Data driven applications design and development.
  • Systems, services, API and frameworks (classes/libraries) design and development. (sync./async.)