Fast and compact native EPS and PDF processing for 2D barcode and QRCode generation

2D barcodes

The most common types of 2D barcodes are the 'QR Code' and the 'Datamatrix'

QR CodeQR codes are most often used to link mobile and smart phones to digital resources found on-line via the Internet or to give the phone specific short instructions.

DatamatrixDatamatrix barcodes which can store more information for the area they occupy as opposed to QR codes are commonly used by governments and corporations to track documents and packages.

Matrix Process

Using the publicly available and royalty free mathematical construction formulas, the 2D barcode is created in memory matrix array.

QR Code

Array Conversion

Each active element in the memory matrix is assigned a geometric construction proportional to its location within the 2D barcode construct.

Once the array has been mapped to a 2D surface, a scaling is applied and it is ready to be converted into either a bitmap representation constructed with pixels or a vector/line drawing file format.

As the goal was to create compact efficient 2D barcodes for printing, EPS and PDF file formats were chosen also taking into account the CMYK colour model used by professional digital and offset printing processes.


Tiny compact 2D vector data that can be implemented in-line with a print process for printing on demand applications. If written to file, they are small and fast to transfer via networks to any location where they are needed.

QR Code
Download the QR Code EPS file

Fast and compact native vector based EPS and PDF QR Code generator.
Operational QR Code example included.

lightning speedWhen speed matters. Be effective, efficient, compact and fast. The challenge: keep up with any variable data printing technology in the ability to provide real-time fully scalable 2D barcode technology as and when needed, in-line and real-time.

To realize this physically three major aspects need attention.

  • 2D Barcode operational specifications
  • 2D source data encoding
  • Visualization, transport and printing requirements

Operational and functional specifications cannot be influenced, so effective and efficient routines are called for. Know the boundaries and parameters before you start and ensure focused processes are activated.

Focus encoders on input boundaries, is it ascii, utf8 or utf16? Ensure data pre-formatters only provide 100% acceptable encoded data streams (garbage in = garbage out is something we cannot accept here).

'I want it NOW.' Ensure all aspects, from production expectation and getting it from where it is created to where it is need in NOW.

  • Effective efficient minimalistic physical storage (memory, buffered or physical)
  • The smaller the faster. (Light travels faster than radio waves which travel faster than sound waves). In this case, less is more! The smaller the data volume the more, thus the faster (higher frequency), you can get any amount from point A to B.

Compact QR code EPS and PDF Vector Output

QR Code Proof ProcessGeneric Matrix QR Code Vector Processor. Working example of native EPS and PDF QR Code generator producing compact resizable 2D barcodes.

Working Native PDF Vector QR Code Generator

This free vector QR code generator will make QR codes for any 25 character string you enter.

Enter up to 25 characters and push the 'generate' button to get your PDF QR code.

Contents to encode :

QR Code

PDF, EPS and vector images maintain perfect clarity irrespective of what size they are printed at.

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