Mobile Services and Solutions
"E-commerce on portable, mobile and smart phones."
"Mobile marketing for impulse purchasing has to be simple, fast and effective."

Mobile Offer

SeeMobile e-commerce typically triggered using AR, NFC or QR Code technology to activate impulse buying initiative.

Mobile commerce offer

Purchase Configuration

configurationMobile product or service selections and ability to configure selectable options in an easy efficient cross-platform way.

Mobile e-commerce purchase configuration

Mobile Purchase

purchaseClear product and pricing indication for easy mobile selection and the 'Buy Now!' button to the payment module to close the sale.

Mobile e-commerce buy

M-commerce example

working exampleMobile purchases need to be to the point, simple, efficient and easy to undertake.

An working demo example of effective m-commerce as shown to the left can be found behind the QR code below. Scan the QR code and see how this theater ticket booking process works.

Mobile m-commerce QR code M-Commerce QR Code

Efficient Mobile Payments via SMS

The working example below shows how movie tickets can be ordered and purchased in a few simple steps using QR codes and an online payment system.

Payments are conducted via a SMS payment gateway provided by 'Microincasso'. Note: this online purchasing and payment system only applies for Dutch mobile and Smartphone users.

E-commerce entry page

SeeAfter scanning the QR code the Smartphone user is shown the product or service on offer.
Additional information and services are also available via action buttons.

Mobile e-commerce product offer

Selections and Options

optionsTypical options and features the user has influence on are shown.
In this case, the date, the amount of tickets and an email address are required to start the transaction.

Mobile e-commerce purchase options

Transaction Payment

paymentThe transaction request is initiated by the mobile device via an SMS to the payment gateway. After a validation, both user via SMS and supplier via callback are notified if the purchase was successful.

Mobile e-commerce purchase payment

Mobile Payment SMS

netherlandsAn operational online mobile payment solution using SMS to verify identity and credibility to allow instant purchasing of services and products under 50 € via mobile and smart phones.

NOTE: This service is currently only offered in The Netherlands and applicable for Dutch mobile phone users.

Mobile e-commerce payment QR code

A successful purchase transaction sees the user receive the tickets via email and the transaction code can be used to claim the tickets online as well.