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"Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit."
"Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."


Brainport Development

Globe Brainport Eindhoven Region is a top technology breeding ground for innovation and home to world-class businesses, knowledge institutes and research institutions.

Brainport Development


GlobeTIC (Tilburg Innovation Centre) helps innovative entrepreneurs from Brabant to turn their growth ambitions into reality, with the focus on the healthcare, IT and medical technology.



GlobeThe Microsoft® Innovation Centers (MICs) are facilities that provide resources for software developers, IT professionals, university students, academics and entrepreneurs.

Microsoft BizSpark


GlobeWindows Azure enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any operating system, language or tool.


Web Development Porfolio

Falconcrest Falconry

eagleFalconcrest falconry a family friendly birds of prey park with flying displays and shows daily, falconry training and events.

Falconcrest falconry

QR4 QR Codes

QR4 TechnologiesProviding QR code, NFC and AU information, services, tools and utilities to aid and assist mobile marketing.

QR4 Technologies

ODOA Graphics

ODOACreating rich media content by merging CMS with database information to create digital and printed output on demand.

ODOA Technologies

Message Master

ODOACross-media and multi-channel communication platform. Get your message accros at the right time and the right place.

Message Master

Custom QR Code Shop

Custom QR Codes Create unique custom QR codes to promote your business on smartphone and mobile devices. Using the worlds most advanced QR code generation processes, you have three high resolution formats to choose from.

Custom QR Codes


3 Dimensions Three dimensional additive printing platform. Bringing owners of 3D printers, designers of 3D digital objects and people wanting 3D real world tangible objects made together.



Publimation Consortium A group of ICT and graphics service, process and application development companies combining forces to deliver world class products for multi-media and multi-channel communication requirements.


Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Taking advanced applications and services into the clouds. Using the advanced services of the Microsodt Azure Cloud with the latest technology, QR4 offers it's services from a USA based cloud.

QR4 Cloud Application

Business Development

Business Development Aquacorn is a business development company enabling companies in diverse markets to gain better insight into market and commercial processes and help achieve efficient effective results.

AquaCorn B.V. Business Development

Client Portal Process

Commercial portal Multilingual graphics designer front-end, middle and back-end three tier portal to allow service subscribers to maintain their contact information for the Franch based 4Evercard service.

4Evercard Mobile Contact Information Exchange System

Large format banners

Customer service Customer service and loyalty program offering free large format printed scaffolding banners.

Online Web To Print Solution.

Large Format Variable Banner Creator PDF print proof

Wordpress- Mysql

WordPress serviceDesign, implementation, modification and maintenance of PHP WordPress sites and MySql environments. Creative self-service development.

Walravens Parket - Wooden floor specialists

QR Code Services

Barcoding servicesPromote, supply and service various barcode products and services via an advertorial website with webshop and online ordering and payment provisions.

Value added QR Code products and services

Graphics Blog

Blog developmentA Dutch blog about web-to-print, variable data publishing and graphics automtion systems and services with graphics tools, graphics utilities, software and services.

Web To Print and Graphics Automation Blog

3D Packaging Editor

3D Packaging SolutionsCreate an online WYSIWYG Web-To-Print solution that supports editable precreated templates and allows creative packaging design from scratch. Ability to view product in 3D.

Online Web To Print

3D Packaging Viewer

3D Packaging ServicesUsing the creative design from the Web To Print online editor, create an interactive 3D visualization of the completed product, allowing it to be viewed in 3D from any angle.

3D packaging Viewer

Commercial Packaging

3D Packaging ServicesCommercial application of 3D creative packaging solutions. "" allowing users to create and order unique wine box packaging designs.

3D Product Preview

Creative Crates

3D Packaging DevelopmentThis can only be a Dutch product.. From a country with many bicycles. "" enabling users to design unique crates as a bicycle carrier.

Interactive 3D Product visualization

Free QR Code Services

QR code servicesFree online QR code services, tools and utilities. Various bitmap and vector QR code generators, including a online QR code reader/decoder.

QR4 QR codes

QR Code blog

QR code blogQR code tips, tricks and articles. Wide variety of QR code generators that support bitmap images, vector graphics as well as RGB and CMYK colour generators.

QR4 QR code blog