"Cross-platform, cross-device, e-commerce, production and mobile website development"


Examples below constructed using C++, C#.net, VB.net, jQuery, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, Entity Frameworks, Forms, MVC and a bit of common sense.

Mobile Website Emulators

Mobile Website Emulators

Mobile Development

Mobile Development Device Independent or Native Applications
If it's about delivering content to mobile devices via Internet services, maybe HTML5 and CSS3 is the way to go.
If no device specific functionality is required then Internet bound services on-line and off-line are the solution, but there is more that needs to be taken into account.

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On-line Survey



An online customer research project that activated a survey via an invitation code. Participants were able to win a pair of GSHock sunglasses.

Augmented Reality

Emerce eDay

Augmented Reality Support

Augmented reality backend support website for the Emerce eDay event for Brainport. A cross-platform, cross-device mobile friendly website.

Cloud Computing

Azure Web Service

Clous Services

Provide value added services via cloud computing.

Various tools to create and read 2D barcodes.


Spreek je Nederlands?

Multilingual Websites

Multilingual and multicultural website developments. On demand language and location detection and appropriate relevant reaction.

Corporate Website


Corporate Website

Corporate service and product website in three languages for a graphics automation service provider with emphasis on digital variable printing and publishing.

Cross Media

Message Master

Message Master cross media

Augmented reality backend support website for the Emerce eDay event for Brainport. A cross-platform, cross-device mobile friendly website.

Direct Marketing-Mail


Direct Mail - Direct Marketing

Interactive direct marketing and direct mail portal.

Create, manage, execute and monitor direct mail campaigns on-line.

Free Public Services

Free Stuff

Public Services

Provide and share information, tools, utilities and services for public educational purposes.

In blog form for easy maintenance and updates.


QR Code Software

Software Sales E-Commerce

E-Commerce site selling software applications and software services with a working demo that creates business cards.

Dynamic Service


Dynamic QR Code Service

Dynamic QR code platform with statistics and analytics. Allowing clients to manage variable QR code contents.

Mobile Marketing


Mobile Marketing MKB PRO

Mobile Marketing service SAAS platform. Easy to implement effective mobile marketing for companies.

Reactive Web Dev


Reactive Web Development

Reactive and adaptive web technology allowing for a single website to be displayed perfectly on any device.


Commercial Service



Business and company guidance services from setting up a business plan, selling a business to couching and guidance to get businesses back on track. Using adaptive web technology ensuring optimal display on any device.

3 Dimensional Printing


Three Dimensional Additive Printing

Three dimensional or additive printing process environment where designers, printers and consumers can create, personalize and manufacture 3D objects.

Commodity Sales

Custom QR Code Shop

Custom QR Code Shop

An online public fun custom QR Code generator and shop where anyone can create unique high resolution custom QR codes.



Communication, printing and production automation consortium

A group of companies combining their skills and expertise in a consortium focusing on ICT and automation in the graphics and communications markets.

Promotional Slideshow


Cognative responsive slideshows

Creative, cognitive slide-shows that are cross-platform compatible and display on any device. Using only html and css for all effects and animations.

Instructive Slide-show


Instructive responsive slideshows

Instruction slide-shows, cross-platform and reactive for use with any size screen on any device. All that is needed is a html5/css3 compatible browser.

Coaching - Consultancy

Wild en Wijs

Wild en Wijs - Coaching and consultancy

24 hour project work. Responsive design for dynamic creative coaching and consultancy environment.

Self-Service e-commerce

Drukwerkdeal - High volume on demand print production, web services, businesslogic, datalayer and production engine.

Asynchronous and parallel web services, business logic, data layers, PDF production processes in a high volume burst e-commerce PDF print production environment.