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"Unlike sitting in front of a computer screen, printing is very direct and hands-on.."

Interactive On-line 'Wine Box' Design 3D Viewer for W2P services

Interactive dynamicDeveloped to allow users who work with interactive web-to-print applications to visualize the 3D objects they are busy creating using, for example, the Interactive WYSIWYG Web-To-Print editor. It's one thing allowing users to make 2D creative objects like business cards, posters and flyers, but when it comes to 3D objects like packaging, you need to have the ability to view what the final product will 'look and feel' like.A pure CSS3 implementation ( I just love this) unique 3D packaging design viewer application. Javascript is used only to change the 'class' (display) values of elements and trigger CSS3 transforms and animations. This only works for modern browsers that support CSS3!.

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Wine gift box design front view
Wine gift box design front view
Wine gift box design front view
Wine gift box design front view
Wine gift box design top view Wine gift box design bottom view

2D flat representation

3D cubeTaking a snapshot of a production ready unique wine gift box design and turning into an interactive 3D viewable object.

Wine Box Template Design

This way of displaying printed materials like 3D box designs or canvas prints gives a more realistic view of the product in question. Not everyone is able to image how a flat 2D design will like once printed and assembled or finished into a 3D dimentional end product. Viewer systems like this empower users to get a better view and have a better understanding of the products they have created and ordered.

Design Choice

Choose between two designs to see how the 3D viewer adapts to new on demand creative input.


InformationIdeal solutions for web based printshops offering canvas prints and / or the ability to create personalized unique gift boxes like the wine box example above If you have the need to display 2D or 3D objects in perspective from a static or dynamic web environment, this can be a great solution to boost your company product sales. This is also a scalable local or cloud based graphics user utility.

In another project I'll show to make a online dynamic user interface to make creative products that support transparency. drop shadows, font varieties and able to drive professional prepress front-ends like Indesign (desktop/server), Quark Xpress, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Creating Unique Gift Box Designs Online

InformationMake your own unique creative gift packaging designs using the online wysiwyg web to print editor

Try the Interactive Web To Print editor here. It was used to create the two designs available in this visualization demonstration.

These design and display processes can produce press ready PDF's for direct manufacturing.

InformationBoth the Online Web To Print Editor and the 3D Packaging Visualizer are available as plug-ins for existing websites and services.

Both support custom templates, sample adaptable contents, custom fonts, transparency, shadows, color, ability to upload SVG, EPS, PDF, TIF and JPG image and graphics files.

soda canAnother in the series of 3D product visualization is the Personalized Product designer allowing you to create beverage can designs and view the results 3D.

All the online editing tools and demonstrations are able to create print ready materials for use with digital color printing presses.

Dynamic online 3D visualization and interactive manipulation and selection examples

A collection of printable products shown in a dynamic interactive 3D user environment. This graphics toolset is cross-platform, cross-device, requiring only a modern web browser to function and easily implemented into existing print production workflows, websites and web shops to turn 2D objects into 3D objects users can interact with.

Glass printing interactive 3D visualization

Glass Printing 3D visualization

Wood printing interactive 3D visualization

Wood Printing 3D visualization

Aluminium printing interactive 3D visualization

Dibond Printing 3D visualization

Product packaging interactive 3D visualization

Product Packaging 3D visualization