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Print Magix Packaging Web To Print - Online interactive creative editor for the packaging industry
Also checkout the 3D viewer for this interactive editor. and the PrintMagix 3D product and packaging viewers.

Interactive Web To Print Solutions

Interactive Web-To-Print with WYSIWYG Editor Solution

3D packaging editorThis WYSIWYG editor is targeted for making 3 dimensional packaging designs. The red dotted lines indicate the faces and extents of in this case a 'wine box' packaging format. After a 2D, 3D design is created it can be saved and shown in a 3D viewer which can be used as a virtual 3D print proof prior to going to production.

Template Library

Select from pre-designed examples with the ability to modify and personalize the objects as well as eleting and adding new creative elements.

Graphics Shapes

Place standard graphics objects, resize, rotate, apply colours or gradients and arrange then in relation to other objects, triangles, squares or rectangles, circles or ellipses.

Headings and paragraph text

Position any text and manage the font size, family, weight, alignment, rotation and colour with the ability to apply gradients and shadows

Colour controls

Manage and change the colour of any active object in the editor. Determine the object colour, opacity and transparency, create and apply gradients and shadows.

Graphics (up)loader

Upload graphics resources like photo's, drawing or company logo's for use in the editor. Resize and rotate to suit. Supports bitmaps, JPG, PNG, TIFF and vector, EPS and PDF files.

Object hierarchy

Bring selected object to the foreground or send them to the background. Arrange the different object relations between then by moving them backwards or forwards.

I'm a creative wine box me.

Working example of the Interactive Web-To-Print with WYSIWYG Editor - Doc ID:


Uploads, Graphics objects and Template Library

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Graphics Objects

Text Objects

Colour Objects

Image Objects

Object Operations


Cross-Platform and Device Independent Online Publishing Capability

No Flash RequiredUtilizing modern browser standards allows this graphics composition tool to run on any computer platform using any modern browser, either via Internet or intranet. All aspects are customizable, from editable areas and fonts for house style environments, to image and graphics libraries, predefined templates and any selection of fonts. No software downloads are needed. No plug-ins need to be installed. No 'Flash®™' or 'SilverLight®™' required to make full use of this web to print publishing tool able to deliver print ready certified and approved high resolution PDF files.

Other Interactive Web-To-Print Editors

W2P Beverage Can Designer

The same technology can be used to create diverse packaging design possibilities with full 3D interactive rendering.

Beverage Can Design Metaal

Beverage Can Design GOGO Juice

Soda Can Design GOGO Juice

Soda Can Design ODOA

Packaging designer for cans

Tin can desgn creator

W2P can designer

Beverage can desgn creator

W2P Large Format Designer

Does size matter? No! The creative design and quality production methods even extend well beyond Adobes '14,400 points' limitation.

W2P Large Format Designer

2.5D Implementations of the 3D viewer utility toolset.

Modular and object oriented construction means partial use of this graphics suite can be used to turn 2D (flat) designs into Interactive 2.5/3D displays. Click on the images below to activate the 3D viewer and try it yourself.

Ideal web to print tools for online print shops by allowing clients to interact with proof 2.5D and 3D designs prior to ordering and going into production. A great way to engage your clients and turn prospects into customers.

Printmagix - Glass Printing 3D viewer

Printmagix - Glass Printing 3D visualization

Printmagix - Wood Printing 3D viewer

Printmagix - Wood Printing 3D visualization

Printmagix - Dibond Printing 3D viewer

Printmagix - Dibond Printing 3D visualization

Printmagix - Product Packaging 3D viewer

Printmagix - Product Packaging 3D visualization

Implementation Examples

Real-world B2C and B2B implementations of the interactive web to print process that does not require flash or any other external/downloadable software. All that is needed is a web browser to create unique 3D products, 3D visualizations and integration with you e-commerce environment for fast and effective sales processing.

Intuitive and engaging processes that add value to your products and creating advanced user experiences way ahead of the competition.

Web-shop Integration

Integration - Compatible with any online shop

Seamless compatibility and integration with any on-line shop process. This process can be integrated into existing on-line shopping systems and is also available as a virtual non-impact SAAS model.

Matching Online Editor

Adaptive - Blend seamlessly into online shop

Adaptable editor configuration ensures is looks, smells and feels like part of the shop. All editor and upload functions and features are adaptable, configurable and expandable.

Interactive 3D Viewer

Interactive - 3D packaging viewer

View final product interactively in 3D, allowing clients to switch between 2D editor and 3D view to ensure their design meets their requirements prior to ordering. Better sales tool and less to no chance of returns or rejects.

Checkout and Sales

Sales - Product Page and shopping cart support

'Punch-in and Punch-out' commerce model makes sure your e-commerce environment is supplied with all the information, including previews, to complete your sales in your on-line shop. Production ready hi-resolution PDF files become available on confirmation of payment.

Packaging Design

Online Packaging Editor

Display 2D templates of 3D packaging design in an intuitive way. Templates can be from an external library source as PDF file or XML document definition. A very flexible 2D to 3D model editor.

Creative Editor

Online creative Packaging

On-line creative packaging editor, fully WYSIWYG (What you See Is What You Get) compliant, supporting creative graphics file uploads, selectable fonts, graphics objects and the ability to manage color, transparency and shadows.

3D view

Online 3D Packaging Viewer

On-line 3D packaging viewer. An interactive environment engaging users and allowing them to view the 3D model from any angle. This process does not need any plug-ins or third party software.

Interactive View

Online Interactive 3D Packaging Modeling

Using state of the art web engineering technology, the interactive visualization process which is responsive of nature works with all modern browsers on any device, from computers to tablets and even smart-phones.

Need more information about interactive web to print processes and 2D to 3D functionalities and how interactive products can help increase your bottom line.