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Cartographic Web visitors (live) overview on a day to day (utc) basis.

A cartographic overview of the successful http/s connections made to this web server, making use of developer friendly third party (free) API services and then projected onto a world map.

Red circles are successful connections from the Internet.

Blue circles are hits from known (and allowed) data accumulation sources (like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more dubious scrapers) for which the behavior and purpose is not always clear, nor reflected in what they pertain to do.

How it is made and why

First the why. Curiosity. To see where the visitors to the website were coming from, that is where it started. Why not use Google Analytics you may ask. Well for one, the data Google collects is not yours and is sold to other parties for profit that you see nothing of. There's more, but I'll leave it at that for now.

Being a no-budget service with no commercial interests, beyond maybe self promotion, the requirements were to find tools and services that would be useful in achieving the goal to display the origin of an ip address used to connect to the website and present it on a map. And at the same time show and promote the alternative options on the Internet not dominated by 'Tech Giant$'.

Two primary components were needed, a mapping or cartographic display and the ability to find the location of an IP address as this connects to the web server. The web server has an intercept routine that detects and captures the IP address for each connection to the web server. Now how to use this IP address to find it's location. This turned out to be quite a challenge using only open public data sources, like IANA, ICAN and other registries.


OpenStreetMap Eindhoven

OpenStreetMap is a community driven and free global mapping system. Using Leaflet as the basis for the slippy maps tiles, it was really simple to overlay the geographic information of 'closest known location'.

Top 20 visiting countries for July 2024.

A list of the top 20 countries visiting this site for this month (to current date and excluding search engines).

  • (52271) United States of America
  • (4631) Pakistan
  • (4618) India
  • (3149) Singapore
  • (3142) Philippines
  • (1912) Germany
  • (1737) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • (1307) Netherlands
  • (1249) Indonesia
  • (1127) Bangladesh
  • (1065) Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
  • (975) Canada
  • (951) Belize
  • (884) Australia
  • (874) Israel
  • (687) Finland
  • (658) France
  • (628) South Africa
  • (622) Saudi Arabia
  • (580) Senegal

You may be missing some big players in the graph. This is probably because networks have been blocked by this sites firewall policy. To get a view on what is being blocked, head over to IP Block List to get an idea of what IP ranges are not accepted at present. The live view Internet traffic give an idea of the traffic this site is processing at present.

Top visiting countries for today 19 July 2024.

A list of the top countries visiting this site for today (to current date and excluding search engines).

  • (107) United States of America
  • (13) Singapore
  • (9) Canada
  • (9) Philippines
  • (7) Finland
  • (5) Saudi Arabia
  • (4) India
  • (4) United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • (3) Indonesia
  • (3) Netherlands
  • (3) Nepal
  • (3) Denmark
  • (3) Pakistan
  • (3) Senegal
  • (2) Australia
  • (2) Ethiopia
  • (2) Japan
  • (2) Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
  • (2) New Zealand
  • (2) United States