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Interactive 3D Print On Aluminum Visualization

PrintMagixCreating the ability to visualize virtual printable products before these are actually manufactured. An interactive way to show and view products in a virtual 3D environment.
No software downloads, does not use 'Flash' and no plug-ins need installing.

Give it a spin.

Use your mouse, mouse pad, trackball or fat finger via a touch sensitive screen and view the 3D object from any angle.

This interactive 3D print proof viewer does not need any additional software downloads nor Flash to operate.

This Web 2.0 visualization makes use of modern HTML5 and CSS3 web technology for value added user experience online.

Easy to implement and integrate into any existing website or web shop, irrespective of the technology used.

Interactive print on aluminum or Dibond design demonstration for computer, laptops and tablets.

Printing on wood

3D print on wood

Interactive web-to-print 3D viewer of a print on wood product.

Printing on glass

3D print on glass

Interactive web-to-print 3D viewer of a print on glass product.

Packaging visualization

3D Packaging design

Interactive web-to-print 3D viewer of product packaging.

Printmagix online printing, publishing and packaging solutions

A set of effective simple and affordable online graphics tools for the publishing, packaging and printing industry to create personalized products.

The working example above is the result of allowing users to upload an image, pan, zoom and crop to suit the measurements of the aluminium or dibond pane.

The Printmagix 3D viewer does the rest by creating a virtual 3D world and allowing the printed aluminium sheet to be interactively viewed from any angle using a mouse, mousepad, trackball or touch sensitive screen.

Ideal solution for publishing, printing and packaging companies for displaying 3D and textured versions of products and packaging before these are manufactured. An online 3D interactive 260deg proofing tool.