QRCode Dial Phone Number - Create direct dial phone number QRCodes. Smart barcodes for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Direct Dial QRCode Generator

A service to generate qrcodes for mobile devices with a qrcode scanner application to activate direct dialing to a specified telephone number.

Telephone number to dial:


TIP: Creating direct dial QRcodes

Not all mobile phones have the ability to encode complex phone numbers, this often has to de with localization and globalization settings of the device. The tip is to avoid punctuation and formatting.

As example, international notation may be +31 (0)6 130 33 743 this is best entered as 0031613033743.

Mobile Phone Number Formats

Formatting phone numbers for use with qrcodes.

In general to make sure your direct dial qrcode works with the the largest possible mobile device environment keep the following things in mind and ask the following questions.

  • Do I want only local phone calls
  • Do I want only national phone calls
  • Do I want global phone calls

In order of preference the following applies, assuming the local number 251 89 70 (Eindhoven - NL)

Local = 251 89 70 - National (Regional) = 040 251 89 70 - International = 0031 40 251 89 70

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