QRCode WiFi Access - Create qrcodes to gain direct access to wifi network points. Smart barcodes for smartphones and other mobile devices.

WiFi QRCode Generator

A service to generate qrcodes for mobile devices with a qrcode scanner application to connect directly to your wifi router infrastructure. Note: This service does not work with Apple equipment (ask Jobs why!).



Network type:


What is a SSID?

An SSID (Service Set ID) is the unique name associated with a IEEE 802.11 wireless area network. Basically the name of your wifi router.

WiFi QRCode Requirements and use

Note: This type of qrcode does NOT work with Apple devices. For the reason why please consult your local Apple Store.

The wifi barcode is ideal to allow visitors and friends easy and fast access to your wifi infrastructure simply by scanning the bascode with a mobile or smartphone.

The minimum requirements for this qrcode to function is your wifi router name (SSID) and the type of network the router has been setup for, the later is selectable from the picklist.

Create the Wifi barcode, test it first, then place it where others can see it with clear instructions that it is a wifi access qrcode. It's as simple as that.

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