"Free Windows desktop/laptop/tablet web cam based QR Code scanner application."

Downloading and Installing the web cam QR code scanner

Webcam QR Code ApplicationThis is an Internet exposed Microsoft 'Click-Once' application. As there is no commercial angle, and hence no income, the code signing certificate is thus self-signed for the lack of paying commercial institutions for a trusted certificate. This is bound to raise major alarms from your operating system as well as any anti-virus software you may be using. You have been warned, Everything (except my development laptop) will be convinced this is total malware and not to be trusted under any circumstances. However I assure you it is completely safe. The manifest is signed and sealed, this should prevent any 'funny stuff' or interference from third parties.

Should you find this application useful and want to contribute, consider sponsoring a code signing certificate.

The >>>install page<<<< should look like:

Webcam QR Code Scanner Install Page
Click the INSTALL button to start the show.

The 'Download and Save Setup.exe' appears:

As the download is an executable file (.exe), any and all IPS and virus scanners immediately go into high alert mode. And will refuse to download or ask you for permission to do so. Up to you to continue or not at this point.

The 'distrust' starts to show

Running Setup:

Go to the folder where the setup file was saved, in Windows this is generally the 'Downloads' folder. Double click the setup.exe file, and fun continues.
Remember the code is signed by a 'development' certificate. This and the fact that I am not on the list of known program vendors at Microsoft is enough to trigger the 'protect your pc' mechanism of Windows.
Click on 'More Info' and this should allow you to continue. Click 'Run Anyway' to launch the next phase of refusal.

Final Install Step:

At this point it still sees this is from an unknown publisher, but starts to show more information about the application and the source. Still full of distrust and other nasty stuff, it does allow you to install.
If you click 'Install' it will now finally install the application. But wait...there's more.

Install process:

The application will start to install and should end with 100% on success.
At this point both Windows defender and your anti-virus stuff will present you with strong suggestions to not to continue.
Choice is yours to do so or not. Maybe a good time to mention looking at my 'cookie policy' and 'privacy policy', I am sure you will find most, if not all the answers to questions about safety of this application there.

No, not again. Windows defender.:

Windows defender again pops up to try and persuade you to stop this action because it does not know who the publisher is and has no clue as to what the application does (or can do).

No, not again. Anti-Virus.:

In my case Norton Download-Insight (which has not caught anything live yet in years) also tries to persuade you to stop because as far as it knows, no one has dowloaded this application ever before, and thus it must be bad.

If you got this far.....

I applaud you for your trust and patience, it's been a long difficult journey to get this far. You should now have an application screen similar to below. And now the fun stuff starts.

How it works should be straight forward. Bottom left pick list will list the camera(s) connected to the computer. Select which one you want if you have more than one. Start and stop web cam, do just that.

Every tenth frame received from the camera will be presented to the QR code image decoder. If it recognizes a QR code shape, it will try it's best decode the information it contains. If successful it will put the contents of the QR code as a text string in the text box. It's as simple as that.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, you are most welcome to contact me.

And yes, this absolutely free software, no strings attached. All I ask is that it be used for good and positive things.

Web cam selected and started

QR code scanned and result shown

If you want to generate QR code without going onto or using Internet, then have a look at DIY WiFi QR Code Generator, it uses your local computer browser and nothing else to generate QR codes. No Internet needed.