"High performance generation of bitmap QR codes."
"Rich features to control creation and presentation."
"The worlds most advanced QR code generation software"

QR4 QR Code Software for websites

MicrosoftIntegrate professional QR code generation functions into your IIS and PHP websites. The modules in this webserver version are exactly the same as used for the QR code generators on 'http://blog.qr4.nl, all the features seen implemented here and more are possible using the advanced QR code generators from QR4.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft - 32bit or 64bit desktop operating system
  • .Net 2.0 Framework (runtime) or above installed


  • Native 'image' as well as PNG and JPG output file formats for direct streaming or saving to file.
  • Full control of foreground and background colors.
  • Full alpha channel control for foreground (jpg + png) and background (png) transparency and opacity for use with photos and inmages.
  • Error correction encoding control for QR codes used in hazardous environments.
  • Border (quite zone) control.
  • Automatic module selection option for optimal QR code size.
  • Scalable bitmap image and PDF file size.

Example Application and Source Code.

The application downloads below are an example of use of the desktop QR code generation software. It is a fully functional demo but without the hardware device it will not accept what want to encode, but create the codes with a standard message. Once you have purchased the hardware device it will become fully functional.

Sample Windows Desktop QR Code Generator Software with nearly all the features you need to start generating professional codes out of the box

Sample Windows Desktop QR Code Generator Application Software

Desktop QR Code Generator Application

This application is supplied for free as is, without guarantees or any rights to who ever uses it.

Download the QR code generator installation files to your computer. This application is for ®Microsoft desktop computers.

Install the software on your computer. After installation you can test all the options and features of this QR code generation application. If you already have a hardware device, you are ready to start making your own QR codes. If you do not have a hardware device, everything will work just fine, but you cannot determine what is put into the QR code itself.

For programmers and developers

Source code for the sample desktop QR code generator is provided in VB.Net and C#.net for the .Net 2.0 framework created using Visual Studio 2008. Note: Hardware key required to manage QR code content!

VB.net Desktop QR Code Generator source code. Explanation of the functions and methods can be found in the technical reference documentation.

C#.net Desktop QR Code Generator source code. The technical reference document explains all the functionalities.


The QR4 Desktop QR Code Software package for office use costs 79 € (excl. VAT)

A dynamic rich feature set QR code generator allowing you to generate royalty free qr codes as you please. The software is 'per computer' based meaning if you need more computers at other locations to have the same abilities, additional hardware devices will need to be purchased. We do have volume discounts available for volumes above two pieces. Provided with full documentation, an fully functional ready to use application and sample source code, our support services are available to assist with implementation and integration and can provide custom solutions specific to your needs.