"Smart local and global mobile marketing using geolocation, proximity and geofencing."
Getting customers into your shop and keeping them happy and content with the right offer at the right time..

How best to serve the needs of your shop and of your clients

You have a shop, you also have a website. How can you best service the clientele in your immediate vicinity and promote your business beyond the bounds of potential reach.

You want to keep your regular clients happy and reward them for their patronage, at the same time you want to invite new clients to come to your shop and also tell the whole world that you are here. To initiate a marketing campaign that does all three effectively still needs to be invented.

Mission: Create an afforable and simple dynamic marketing process that any shop owner can implement to service the requirements of clients and prospects based on proximity.

Everyone wants something special, so we need to take into account the fact that shops may or may not also have a webshop and that the radius of prospective clientele can vary. For the purposes of practicality, we will use a three tier environment as example and show how it works in real life.

The (technical) rules of engagement

  • Universal or 'default' information must be present to enable this process. In short there has to be at least one Internet access point or webpage avaialble.
  • Ability to create and display geofencing zones for targeted activities (in this case it is limited to two and they are radius bound).
  • Assign actions to activities in these zones. Be able to link specific offers - coupons - promotions depending on the location of the visit.

Down to (demo) business

1 You have a shop! Enter the address of you shop. If that is all you do, the 'general' information will be displayed to everyone.
2 create a geofence around your shop to get people in the immediate area to want to come in.
3 create a second geofence (preferably larger that the first - else it will never be activated) to entice border prospects to take the effort to go out of their way to come to your shop.

You can test this on a desktop, and mobile via a temporary QR code, provided that both are able to supply geolocation information.


What is the full address of your shop you want to target and test: