DIY WiFi QR Code Generator

A completely stand alone 'do it yourself' WiFi QR code generator that does not need Internet access to work.

This was made to accommodate users who (maybe rightfully so) questioned was done with the data collected from all the users that create WiFi access QR codes on the website (It gets removed about every ten days as there is no purpose in storing them), and did not accept or believe that this was deleted on a regular basis.

So privacy fanatics can now generate QR codes without making use of external Internet resources or services. It is also an ideal tool for (as example) hotels and public schools and universities, where you want to change the password frequently and not rely on third party or on-line services, but want an in-house 24/7 tool available at your fingertips.

Do It Yourself QR Code generation screen

No Internet Required

Download the WiFi-QR-Code-Generator zip file, it contains three files.

  • Offline-WiFi-QR-Code-Generator.html
  • qrcode.js
  • WiFiQRCode.js

Place the unzipped files in any folder of your choosing and open 'Offline-WiFi-QR-Code-Generator.html' with your browser.

Fill in the fields as shown and click 'update', you should see the QR Code change in appearance. To save the image for later printing, right click and select 'save image as...'

This WiFi QR Code generator will run on nearly any computer operating system that has a browser that supports JavaScript.

A request was received to make an offline QR code generator that would encode and display the date and time of the computer it was running on. If and when time allows I do enjoy making things that others can use.

For those wanting a Do It Yourself QR Code Clock Generator, you download the zip file and follow the instructions above for installing the DIY WiFi QR Code Generator.

By editing the Time-QR-Code-Generator.html file, you can remove or change the title and how it displays the qr code on the page. Remember, no Internet connection is needed to make this QR code generator function.