"Create an easy to use, step by step, fun custom QR code generator for public commercial use."
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Basic Requirements

The service needed to address several diverse aspects at the same time, yet remain user-friendly and intuitive at all times.

  • Ability to be 'stand alone' and operate and function all by itself. This meant all data for dynamic language handling as well transaction logging and reporting had to be in a self contained and portable web application.
  • Ability to add and manage multiple languages. Meaning the application needed to be self learning, registering the new language requirements and offering translation interfaces to manage them.
  • The application was to be commercial not only for e-commerce sales on the Internet, but also the shop itself was for sale. This meant intellectual property had to be safeguarded.

Basic Construction

The service needed to address several diverse aspects at the same time, yet remain user-friendly and intuitive at all times.

  • Used Microsoft SQL CE to handle data for on demand translation routines as well as all transaction logging. (Pity it does not support stored procedure. Had to make a complete separate data handling layer for this! Because it is always wise never to let a public facing [no offence please] and Internet connected application front end have direct unmanaged access to any data.)
  • Used Adaptive HTML5 and CSS3 technology in combination with IIS7 and .Net 4.0 to forge the operational framework. The creative process was inspired by Ch'ing-Wa Sheng.
  • The QR code generator along with the graphics automation routines were placed in several DLL files and all individually linked to a hardware key to prevent unauthorized replication.
Custom QR Code

The Custom QR Code Shop

Out of the box support for five languages, right down to the emails that are sent, with the ability to add and remove languages as required.

QR Code Shop Home

User interface and operations

The 'front end' center of opperations happens on one page. This is where all the information is collected,checked and where all the magic happens.

QR Code Shop Generator

Using seven intuative steps it guides the user through creating unique custom QR codes with the ability to quickly link mobile devices to businesses, social media, products and services and loads more.

Basic black and white QR codes are free and dispatched to users via email.


A successful purchase results in three important things:

  • The email address is used to product dispatch:
    • 1. Embedded versions of the custom QR code the client purchased in the email.
    • 2. Attached to the email as separate attachment files.
  • The resulting webpage will quote a reference number (included in the email) that can be used to get direct access to the file(s) in case the email does not arrive or there is a typo in the address.

All generated codes are kept for seven days pending finalization. Purchased codes are always available for re-dispatch provided the clients email address and reference number match.

Custom QR Code Shop Email - Product Dispatch

All QR codes are generated according to ISO norms. The only potential problem is users making QR codes with little to no contrast.

Want to see how the how it works? Check it out at "The Custom QR Code Shop".